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Training Courses

We offer a one to one private or groups in-house training program in the following courses whereby a certificate is given to all successful trainees on completion of their chosen course. 

For further information please email:

Hand Tied Wefting Course

By this course you will get all the information that you can manufacture your own hand-tied hair weft creating extensions or wefts for wigs with your own brand. It is a complete practical training course that guided to produce the hand-tied weft.


This is a one day course. 


This course will teach you the various methods of weaving and produce the professional hand weft hair extensions.

The wefting course runs every Saturday and Sunday 10 am-5 pm. If you would like an additional day please contact us for this to be arranged.


1- day in-depth intensive course
This course is suitable for those with or without experience of hair extensions. 

What will the course cover


How to weave hair

Tools and materials needed for weaving.

How to set up the weaving frame.

Once-in weaving 

Twice-in weaving

Thrice-in weaving 

Two string fly weft /  micro weft

How to prepare / saw into clip-on extensions

Price: £600  Includes full kit and training handbook. 

1-day course

In-House Certificate upon completing the course

Micro Ring Hair Extension Course

The micro ring course provides you with the inside knowledge when it comes to applying specialist micro ring hair extensions. With micro rings becoming a very popular choice, this course will teach you how to apply, maintain and remove these extensions in order to achieve a beautiful and lasting result for your clients.


Through on guidance and practice sessions, you’ll leave this course feeling full of knowledge and experience when it comes to micro ring application.

This is a one day course.

This course is suitable for those with or without experience of hair extensions.

The Micro Ring Hair Extension course runs every Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. If you would like an additional day, please contact us for this to be arranged.

 What will the course cover 


 Health and safety

 How to do a client consultation

 Sectioning and preparation of the hair

 How to apply a full head of hair extension

 Colour matching

 How to care and maintain your hair        extension

 Safely removing hair extensions


 Micro Rings course manual included


Price: £200  Kit not included

1-day course

In-House Certificate upon completion of the course

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